Introducing the new Mozzo Capsules Range…

Bundling our passion and coffee into 4 perfectly formed little capsules, our collection consists of…

Mozzo Red Label – a sweet, smooth 100% Arabica espresso capsule based on our best selling Red Label Espresso blend.

Mozzo Green Label – a classic full bodied Italian espresso capsule based on our Green Label espresso blend.

Mozzo Blue Label – a premium decaf capsule comprising of the highest quality Swiss Water Process decaf Arabica coffees.

Mozzo Black Label – a bright, fruity espresso capsule featuring Speciality Grade Kivu 2 Coffee from our C2C Fund™ ( partners, Muungano in the DRC.

All small batch roasted, packed in the UK and suitable for use with all Nespresso® compatible drop down machines.

Determined to make an impact beyond simply helping you enjoy an exceptional coffee experience, Mozzo invests 1p for every capsule sold into the C2C Fund™, find out more about the work of the C2C Fund™ and its partners at

Find out more about the work of the C2C Fund™ and its partners at                                                                                                                                                             You will soon be able to order capsules direct to your home from our brand new online retail store! In the meantime, please email with any queries.